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Now that I don't draw anymore, I rarely check or update my DA. If for some reason you're interested in what I'm doing, visit my Tumblr instead:

Things change, and I'm more or less "retired" from the whole pony fandom thing now. If anything new ever gets added from here on out it will probably be awful and generic animu garbage. Considering why 99% of you watched me, you should probably unwatch me now.

In the meantime, I've been pretty busy with another project. I came across an extremely good webcomic drawn by a Korean guy named anyan. It's the most niche thing I've ever seen, and I am in that niche. It's called Flight Highschool. To quote the warning label on the front page of his 4koma collection:

These comics may contain content normal people are unable to understand. If you understood all of these comics, I recommend you speak with a mental health expert.

It's about cute fighter jets doing cute things. To fully understand the comics you have to practically be someone who has grown up around military aviation and/or the industry. The references are extremely esoteric at times. I love it. I am in the infinitesimally small overlap on the Venn Diagram comparing "People who like stupid anime crap" and "People who practically study military hardware."

The problem is that the comics are written in Korean. After a long time of searching and a bunch of other crazy events I won't go into, I eventually got a hold of anyan himself and now regularly talk to the guy. He's a great guy. We've been working together on translating his stuff into English ever since then.

The comics have gained a pretty surprising amount of popularity, getting spread to many, many manga sites. They've also been translated into Chinese (based on our English translations) and Japanese (independently done). I also now have somebody asking to use my translations for a Spanish translation. Pretty incredible stuff going on there. I'm really happy for the comic and am proud to have been the one to jump start all of this.

And thanks to a certain imageboard for showing the comics to me and getting me rolling in the right direction. I couldn't have done it without you guys.

For those on Tumblr who are interested, I post the comics on a regular schedule right here: Flight Highschool Tumblr

As for this DeviantArt, I'm re-organizing the folders to move the pony stuff out of the way. Except for maybe a special occasion or something, don't expect any more of it. I don't really draw stuff anymore either so there won't be much posted here anyway. There are however, some things I have drawn since the last thing I posted and I'll put them up here soon enough.

If you managed to read through all that, thank you for your time.

And God damn, it's 2013. Why do I still have to use HTML tags on DeviantArt? Get your act together DeviantArt.


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Now that I don't draw anymore, I rarely check or update my DA. If for some reason you're interested in what I'm doing, visit my Tumblr instead:

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WHOA!!...You're the creator of the Itano Circus!!
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Indeed. Good times. Freelancer was great fun to play and mod.
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WAS?? You're not into the thing anymore??....well, not a lot of people nowadays are but tell me another Open World Spaceship RPG with the loading times faster than an overclocked Lamborghini at full speed!!

Anyway, I see your name around the sites I go often and I had absolutely NO IDEA you draw stuff...a pity that 99% of your watchers are just there for your art..
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